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help in picking explorist software


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i am interested in buying software for my explorist 210.


i do not know if i should get:


mapsend topo canada or

Magellan MapSend DirectRoute.


i do a bit of fishing and geocaching.

is the topo good for traveling with? as in finding streets and addresses?


what do u suggest i get?


i might buy this software this weekend so your input is wanted..


pros and cons for both?

good place to buy?

canadian tire has em and i do have gift certificates for 30$ so price would be around $90 plus taxes as it is $119 retail and i dont know if it's on sale or not

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I haven't used Direct Route, but Topo Canada is fantastic. It doesn't give you directions, but the entire map is there in great detail. For fishing and geocaching I suggest Topo...


I have been using the topo for a couple of years now and like it very much. I do a lot of ATVing and it works well for that. It also works well for guiding me to place in areas I am not familiar with. For example an address in Toronto or most anywhere. I am not familiar with direct route.

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Actually it will find addresses; it has a data base which you step through the street address, then street name, then city. Basically it finds the postal code for the block, not the actual address. When it does find the address you can set it as a waypoint but the route is not "turn by turn" but a straight line "as the crow flies". You can make a route by creating multiple routes within your drive but that is not the strength of TOPO 3D. Its strength is showing the TOPO lines and old roads/forest roads that you may go on in the mountains. I use it for exploring old FSRs that the local maps don't show and as a guide for 4X4'ng so I know what I'm getting into.

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