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  1. Do you mean when the maps draw in on the cache page as you view it? I've had the odd problem here and there but usually a refresh of the page fixes that. At least that's on a XP PC. I have had trouble on a WIN98 amd WIN2000 PCs getting them to draw in when I click on the link for the Mapquest or YahooMaps page. I have since phased those PCs out of the use and have not had any problems since.
  2. Actually it will find addresses; it has a data base which you step through the street address, then street name, then city. Basically it finds the postal code for the block, not the actual address. When it does find the address you can set it as a waypoint but the route is not "turn by turn" but a straight line "as the crow flies". You can make a route by creating multiple routes within your drive but that is not the strength of TOPO 3D. Its strength is showing the TOPO lines and old roads/forest roads that you may go on in the mountains. I use it for exploring old FSRs that the local maps don't show and as a guide for 4X4'ng so I know what I'm getting into.
  3. Does anyone have any clue as to which is better for B.C. I have magellan but am interested in Garmins Topo Map? Bit of a toss up: Magellan is better with the forest service roads and topo map, but Garmin is better when it comes to the mountain names and water feature names.
  4. After having watched the previous versions, I can see that the productions are getting tighter and Icenrye is getting smoother on camera. Sure makes me want to check his web site every night for the next zine! And if you do view the video, don't forget to vote for his Podcast! If we all vote he'll be at the head of the pack in no time! Thanks for all the hard work so that we can enjoy the shows!
  5. Hey, I was hoping you might come down again.... Not sure if I can meet up but if I can I'll swing by as well. I've already viewed Episode #5 and can't wait for #6 to come out..
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