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Had this log on one of our caches -




Have you ever had a coincidental "find" like this?


Blimey! :rolleyes:


I was looking for a cache out in some remote countryside recently and my GPS seemed to point to a place that had some stones piled up in the middle of a grassy area. So, I assumed that the cache would be underneath those....instead, I a found a disntinctive looking item in a plastic ziplock bag. I pondered over it for a while, thinking a cacher must have left it there because the cache itself had gone, but then realised that there may be games other than geocaching going on, so I left it there.


When I got home I looked up this item on the internet and found that I was right! The item belonged to a treasure-hunting game and hadn't yet been found by anyone taking part :o I emailed the guy running the game to let him know I'd found it and he was very grateful I'd left it there.

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my first ever cache find (should have been my 6th) happened by coincidence.


it was the night i first heard of Geocaching so decided to do a postcode search...wow! caches within 5 minutes of my house! It is a 6 part series in my village called "Old Whittle Trail". i understood the instructions, look for the first 5 caches which will give you clues to piece together for the location of the 6th "Bonus Cache".


I read the cache description for the first part which describes some steps...there are a few possible "steppy" locations around, i didn't have my gps at the time so went the ones what sprang to my mind first (without looking at the map, which is spot on) it took me to a location a few hundred metres away from the true location of the first cache.


I got there, a bit of searching and i found the cache!....only trouble was that i was part 6, not realising until i had already signed the log as my first, i felt a bit silly but also very lucky!


What an introduction eh?

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I remember posting this for GCHPYQ. What had happened was that some of the clues to this multi in Paris had gone AWOL and I sat down to 'reverse engineer' where the cache might be. The final additional hint was "Have a seat on the wall."


As it so happened my reverse engineering sent me just outside the gardens where - blow me over with a feather - the Paris municipality and designed a wall by the Seine to duplicate as a series of long benches. Searching roughly where I thought the cache might be I unearthed ANOTHER Swiss cache, which was managed from a totally different website.


As it so happened my reverse engineering was totally wrong and I had indeed sat down next to the cache proper whilst doing the incompetent reverse engineering. Such is life!

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We'd booked for lunch in a restaurant near Reading & arrived early - so went for a walk along the river.


Mr Jantac had just got a new 'phone with internet access so we checked to see if there were any nearby caches - and found that there was one 4 feet away from where we were standing :blink:


This would have made a really good story if the cache hadn't been missing :)

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