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Clearing out the extras

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Looking through my coins I find that I have to many. I've tried to set the price at a reasonable level, in the cases where the coins are priced higher than they originally sold for I tried to keep ebay in mind and set them lower than I have seen them there.


The coins are price plus shipping. Shipping is $2.00 first coin + .25 for each additional coin in the lower 48 states. If elsewhere it's postage paid, I'll reply after finding out the total. Contact me through my profile if interested please.


Now for the coins


$5.00 ea. + shipping


Motogrrl Memorial - Pending


Kiss Me I'm Irish Event, Ca - Pending


GeoSwag C&P Club, Febuary 2007 - Pending


GeoSwag C&P Club, March 2007 - Sold


GeoSwag C&P Club, April 2007 - Sold


GeoSwag C&P Club, May 2007 - Sold


GeoSwag C&P Club, June 2007 - Pending


GeoSwag C&P Club, July 2007 - Pending


$7.00 ea. + shipping


Blue Lamb 03, Copper - Sold


BikeDog Memorial, Copper - Sold


Geocache America, Bronze 2006 - Pending


All American, Silver - Sold


Geocache Coffee, Gold - Sold


Geocache Coffee, Black Nickel - Pending


GeocoinFest 2007 Bronze - Pending


GeocoinFest Attendee Le Satin Nickel - Pending


Georgia 2007 Tybee Island, Non-shaped, Silver - Pending


Great Smokey MTN Geoquest, Silver - Sold


Unknown Soldier, Ant. Nickel (?) - Sold


Eurocache, Ant. Silver - Pending


Magnetic Hide-a-cache, 2007, Glitter - Pending


Mtn-Mans Admin Brick Geocoin, V1 - Pending


Sometimes you feel like a nut, Nickel - Sold


$10.00 ea. + shipping


LizardToadz Decypher coin, Lizard, Gold, V3


PacMan5-Mrs. PacMan5, Bronze - Sold


PacMan5-Mrs. PacMan5, Black Nickel - Sold


Team Pez, 2006, Silver Nickel - 2 - Sold


Snow wolf 75, Gold - 3 - Sold


Edited to lower price on $10.00 coins from $15.00

Edited to mark some items as sold.

Edited by kusanagi
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