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Bookmark Size Limit


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I looked at my list of bookmarks, and it lists three that have more than 100 entries. (But right now I'm afraid to open any of them, or to try to add another entry to one of them, just in case everything over 100 ends up getting deleted.)


I have three or four that are close to 500 in size. I use them for to-do lists, for updates, and to keep track of ones that I've done..


I'm annoyed that I can't do that any more :mad:

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I as well noticed this change. I have a couple lists over 100 and now can not add any extras. I use these lists to store the exact caches I want to download (via pocket queries)... I really don't want to have to make 6 or so of smaller bookmark lists with related pocket queries just to accomplish the same thing I would do with just my two bookmark lists and two pocket queries. I wonder if this was just a code error or is it a new policy?

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I noticed this last night when I tried to add a cache to our FTF bookmark and got the same error message. I think the maps are groovy and I can work around the big fonts, but I would love to see the 100 entry limit raised.


Thanks for all you do, Raine. I don't care what anyone says - you're allright in my book! :mad:

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