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Up Grading My GPS


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well, I've heard that the 60cx and csx work well in deep cover, or you could switch to a magellan (500, 600) that hold a great lock in deep cover. But that would mean switching companies from a great one, to one with limited support, software updates, etc... Great units - bad execution.

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Well, technically, all GPS' work in the forest - they may not track satellites well, but they still work <_< .


The new Garmin Etrex HCx line is touting a new and effective sensitive receiver. I have a Vista HCx and have found many a cache in the 'deep' forests. If there was a cache in my 2-story house, I'd find it too as I get good reception throughout my house. Even took it to a theatre at a mall and got decent accuracy when my 60CS could not track any.


However, they don't meet your $500 price demand. The top-of-the-line Vista goes for about $240; so, you'll have to pass on them <_< .

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Garmin 60 CSx is generally considered top-of-the-line. $500 will get you the unit and Topo US 2008, if you don't already have a Topo set. The new eTrex series 'H' models also do very well in the woods, for about $100 less.


Which is better is really a matter of personal preference. Many people like the eTrex size, others like the slightly larger screen on the 60. I personally think the 60 is a bit more rugged. I've dropped mine several times and never suffered any ill effects.

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