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NEW "Cache Rewards" Geocoins


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Very cool - The Cache Rewards coins are in at the Geocoinshop!

(Different metals - so I provided the link to the Cache Rewards page!)


These are coins that you can send out with the intent of 'Rewarding' a cache that 'exceeds' particular qualities!


Cache Rewards show recognition for these types of hides: Very Challenging, Amazing View, Great Container and Excellent Hide.

Available in Antique Silver, Antique Bronze, Nickel, and Gold.





1-1/2'' or 38mm x 3.0mm

Trackable with Icon for all rewards.

Imitation Hard Enamels and Transparent Imitation Hard Enamel.

Common back for each reward.


Back Says:

"This coin is meant to be placed in a cache that deserves recognition for the quality shown on the front. Please move it to a cache that you feel deserves it."


Im hoping to see alot of these bounce around our area - and in doing so, each coin log page should be a list of caches that exemplify those traits!


Designed by myself - and available with Camp Explorer at the Geocoinshop. In stock and ready to ship!!


I CANT WAIT to get mine and send some out into the world!!!

These coins were made to travel - and at only $7.25 each, they certainly can!





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We want the Cache Rewards Geocoins to get out and travel so the price has been reduced from $7.25 and $7.50 to $5.25 and $5.50.


The pictures do not do these coins justice. They turned out great.


This is a limit run of 250 coins in each design. Very Challenging, Amazing View, Great Container and Excellent Hide.


15 antique copper Artist only edition

30 sandblasted nickel

35 sandblasted gold

80 antique silver

90 antique bronze


Also see the reduced price for Guardians of the Cache Geocoins. Trackable with icon



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We purchased these coin right away as soon as we seen them for sale. We paid $7.50 or them and bought one each of the Gold set (4). Will we get a refund back from paypal for these coins? If we would of known the price was going to be dropped so soon after the sale was posted we would of waitted to purchase these coins. Please let us know. Thank You!




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