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Do your geocachers use the build in base map the gps comes with for geocaching or you need map cards?


I started with my Garmin eTrex Legend WITHOUT the extra maps for a while. Once I got the maps, they were a great help, but they are not required.


There are some people who geocache with no maps AT ALL - just numbers on the display.


Though I will say, extra maps are very, very nice. If you can afford them, get 'em. I had to save for a while.

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I am using garmin mapsource topo, and it really isn't necessary at all, in my opinion. The only thing I use it for is to glance at the map screen once in a while just to get a general sense of my location. Helps with some situational awareness, but never helped me find a cache.

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It rather depends how much of an adventure you're looking for! (Or, alternately, how easy/difficult you want to make things for yourself). I generally don't use the maps, except for general orientation; but sometimes they come in handy, when I'm tired, or frustrated, or something of the sort.


This is a very personal decision. Try it with and without and see what works for *you*.


-- Jeannette

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I started out with a Garmin Vista with street maps on it . . . but without auto-routing. Because I live near a very large metropolitan area that has many canyons and hills and cul-de-sacs and gated comunities, I would waste a lot of gas trying to figure out how to get to a cache, small neighborhood park, or canyon trailhead. :blink:


I upgraded my GPSr to one that could accept the City Navigator maps. Auto-routing is very important for me, but if you are familiar with your area, or if the streets are laid out in a predictable grid pattern, they may not be necessary.

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My GPS (Garmin Summit) has no maps, but I often cache with the laptop nearby, or better, hooked to it. After running my filter in GSAK, I export the points to Streets and Trips, which puts pushpins on cache locations. I can then use this to drive directly to the cache.


We don't have many mountains in my area, so unless a creek scares you, topo really not needed. In a few months, you will be able to cross most creeks around here without getting your shoes wet anyway.

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