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Satelite reception in Europe

Fat Tired Grandpa

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I also used a Garmin Legend and had a similar problem until I learned how to use the GPS correctly. Whenever you move more than 500km from the last point that the GPS was used you need to go to the sub menu on Satelite and select "New Location". This is in the same sub menu where you select "Use with GPS off". This will then "tell" the GPS that you have moved a considerable distance and it will reactivate instead of looking for the last used satelites that have been stored in memory.


Now, whenever I get off the aeroplane the first thing I do is select "New Location" and within about 3 minutes I am in business.


Good Luck & happy caching :ph34r:

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The old GlobalNav 12 had a shortcut for faster location when travelling far. There was a screen where you had the choice of state or country before initialisation.


The eTrex Legend, as I'm sure most others, especially Garmins, will do this also. I had to do this after flying to St. Thomas.


Menu/Satellite --> Secondary Menu/New Location --> Automatic OR Use Map


Choose the "Use Map" selection and use the cursor to navigate to where you are in the world. It starts out with something of a world globe view, but you can zoom in to pick your location more accurately.



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I started GPS using in the UK and have been on vacation to Europe and the USA before recently moving to Las Vegas.


I only have a ETrex yellow but if I move more than about 500 miles and it can't get a fix within a few minutes it always asked me if I have moved to a new location or some such message. I always say yes and it happily sorts its act out no problem...

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