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  1. Since you are premium member just generate a pocket query for the are you want to cache in. It will be sent to you via email. Unzip the attachment and past the file in your GPX folder on your Oregon. (As mentioned above, drive://Garmin/GPX ) One PQ folder will hold 500 geocaches. Plus, it is a lot easier to do this then load each one individually.
  2. Why not put out a pilot cache to see if it works? I know of one near me that has been out for two years and despite the CITO mentioned on the cache page no one ever mentions it and the area stays a mess. It is still a beautiful spot though. Not a garbage dump. Don't be disappointed when it is a flop.
  3. It is a good thing. Magellan has pretty much decided not to support its older lines of handheld GPSrs. Instead, they encourage you to trade in your old unit for one of their new units. If they wont support your old unit, why should anyone expect them to support their new unit once it gets old? I have a Lowrance and like it so far. I have heard really, really good things about Garmin too. I would say go Garmin if you have the money or Lowrance if you want to save some cache. Magellan...
  4. Maybe they will train a special task force with dogs to sniff out that bad, bad plastic.
  5. Since we are asking for attributes could we get one for the different brand PB Jars? I am only allergic to certain brands of PB containers. What would that attribute look like?
  6. If given the choice between the PB Jar and the lock n lock i think most would choose the lock no lock. But many cachers don't roll in money so the idea of using a free container certainly appeals. So if most had to choose between a free PB jar and a $4 lock n lock. I think the majority would choose the PB Jar. The evidence are all the caches around us.
  7. Maybe post pics and how you made in the CCC thread.
  8. I don't know. That just seems a bit extreme. If the container works then there shouldn't be an issue. To me that is like asking the grocery store to stop carrying something because you are allergic to it.
  9. What a cool story. Thanks for sharing. I know when first getting started it can be frustrating. My frustration was more trying to figure the GPS out and print papers. The kids were saying "come on dad, lets go find some treasure!" I have heard of others who tried and get bummed out and quit. I'm glad you found what you were looking for. There are a couple things to tell newbies that you may have already read. The first is when your GPS says you are there. You still have to do some looking. Dont expect it under your feet. It may be as far away as 30' feet when you find it. Not usually more though. (Unless you have an older GPS i imagine...) Second is so as to not get frustrated you can try finding regular size containers and up. The smaller ones can be more difficult. When we first went out i didn't even notice the size till we found it. The film can was certainly not the treasure the kids were hoping for. Welcome aboard!
  10. What I recall is this:In the forums on a buried cache discussion. One of the mods countered my saying if you owned the land you could bury the cache and get it listed. The mod said "not even then". That was the conversation more or less. If I'm mistaken on the change in intent it would be good to learn that. That was said somewhere in a recent thread maybe even this one (I can't find it).... Maybe not the same thread you are thinking of. This post in this thread.
  11. Just do what others do. Hide the cache and submit it. Do not mention that it is buried. It will get published and most likely get dozens and dozens of visits and no one will say anything.
  12. PQ to Cachemate. (Just convert the GPX file to PDB with their tool provided.) - simple. No need for GSAK unless you took the college course. GSAK- not so simple.
  13. Im not sure what you want to pay or the different versions of the geko. A NIP geko 201 was listed on eBay today and sold shortly afterward for $60 w/free shipping. When i saw it i figured it wouldn't last long. -I looked to try to find the link for you but it was already sold. sorry
  14. Stephen2


    Adding regular words to a geocaching glossary that some people do not understand would be a large undertaking. All people have different vocabularies. When you don't know what words mean you can use google or a dictionary.
  15. They are either lock n locks or they aren't. Are they?
  16. I dont know hot to send to cachemate with GSAK. I use the cmconvert tool provided with cachemate. Load the GPX file and then export to PDB the palm file. Cachemate is very user friendly.
  17. Cachemate > Option > Register (then enter your code.)
  18. GSAK isnt really plug n play. You really need to study to figure it out.
  19. Until you have problem and need to help from customer service. Then you will have wished that you bought a Garmin. I know. I am in the same boat.
  20. I'm over 200#'s and I can sit on it with zero deflection. A child standing on it wouldn't be a problem at all. Rigidity is the primary reason I left the plywood ring at the bottom in place. If I cut that out I would be worried about it pancaking That is so cool. So far, it appears to be the best rock i have seen. It looks real and blows that foam away. (From what i can see.) I am unfamiliar with epoxy so i still am not sure on the cost. It sounds like a great idea. Good job!
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