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  1. Followed these instructions; removed the flies from \Garmin\GPX\ except for the folder "current". Created a new PQ; resulted in the 2 files. Copied to the designated folder and BINGO! Only change I made in the PQ is less cache types (only traditional, multi and virtual), increased number 500 -> 1.000 and extended the range. Don't know what caused / solved the hick-up but most important ... it now works. Thanks for your help!
  2. Thanks for your reply kunarion. I have added some clarification in red. GPX files go into [drive]:\Garmin\GPX. If your Oregon were on drive "H", it's H:\Garmin\GPX. Be careful about the exact file location. And give it a few extra moments before unplugging the USB cable, or click "Eject", before unplugging it, to be sure the file is properly "closed". Navigate to that folder and save all files to another drive (if you want them). Delete everything from that folder. Move the Pocket Query's unzipped GPX file(s) there. See if that helps. I don't know why there are no waypoints in a 500 cache PQ, but maybe that's the way it is this time. There may also be some kind of problem with the file itself. You could try to make a simpler PQ, and see what happens. I've very rarely had some trouble with bad code on one cache description that the Oregon doesn't like, but that has only caused problems when accessing the one odd cache description. Tried; but it seems GC does not allow me to run a new query at all. Is your Pocket Query for a very distant place? If so, the best case scenario is that they will be listed last, if sorted by distance. No, 50km from my house. Did you preview the Pocket Query before you ran it? Maybe there are only a couple of caches in it and not actually "500". Yes, checked and it includes 500 caches of different types. Check to be sure you're not filtering out all the caches somehow. The Oregon can be set to display caches of chosen specifications, and you can filter all of them out if you try. Oregon filters are "off" You won't find a Pocket Query "GPX" file listed as a file on the Oregon. You'll see individual caches listed, every cache that's in that one GPX file. I'm guessing when you said "the file", you meant that you can't find 500 cache listings. If I search for the cache through the Oregon menu (i.e. Oregon properly disconnected from the PC and used "standalone"), I was expecting the 500 caches to show up (as you mentioned as well) in the same manner as the individual caches do when I download these to GPS. If not the caches then at least the file. I'm not 110% certain about what you're asking, so if you think it could be operator error, post a more specific question about what you mean. Here's the web page where I figured out how to load PQs: http://garminoregon.wikispaces.com/Geocaching Thanks I will further check this out.
  3. Per this description, and others I found, the ZIP file should contain 2 files; 1. nnnnnnn.gpx for the caches and 2. nnnnnnn-wpts.gpx for the waypoints. I create a PQ which results in 500 caches. Traditional, multi, Earth and Mystery caches. The resulting ZIP only contains the caches gpx (#1) not any waypoint file. If I then write the gpx file to my Oregon, I cannot find the file through the Oregon menu. I can find other caches I transferred as single download (straight from gc.com to my Oregon) and the gpx file is in the same directory as these are. What am I doing wrong?
  4. DVDC = Dank Voor De Cache. But international oriented as we are; she will probably see a lot of TFTC in the log book as well
  5. Hoi Droopy! Om te beginnen heel veel plezier met je nieuwe hobby. Deze melding verschijnt altijd in beeld. Alleen als je op het print icoontje klikt, wordt er een "print preview" scherm geopend en komt de waarschuwing opeens in een rode -extra opvallende- balk. Niks van aantrekken, gewoon via File -> print (of Bestand -> Afdrukken) je printje maken. Laat even weten of het gelukt is.
  6. Thanks for the help, sorry for the disturbance. MINI is up and running again! Topic can be closed.
  7. Shoot! I can't edit my message so I have asked a moderator to do so.
  8. Depends on your level of training and preparation . I have seen people who need all their attention to complete the walk where others walk like they are just shopping. Did the Four Days Marches Nijmegen this year ("only" 50 km a day, 4 consecutive days) and there you see the same. But still .... caches typically are not along the route thus one might wonder whether you would make the additional effort of a detour. For as far as this is possible.
  9. Hi there, short cry for help from the Netherlands Calling out for croutt Does anyone here know "croutt"? (or perhaps croutt reads here as well) He seems to have been caching for only a few days this year. During these trips he picked up our MINI Travelbug. It is parked in his presence now since August 26th and it wants to make some more miles again. We have tried contacting croutt via the GC profile but there is no response can anyone here help us in moving our MINI again? Thanks!
  10. What is the aim of the TB's? Do you want them to continue travelling in Europe? Sure we can arrange that for you one way or the other. Or do you want these to be dropped at a specific point? When is your relative coming over? I live close to Schiphol airport so if necessary we can perhaps somekind of pick up there, or at their hotel? Drop me a PM if you still need assistance on this and we can what we can do for you. @erslersl; Makkum is to be found in the northern province of Friesland.
  11. As the title already states; we have an Mitac Mio 168 that is used for Tom-Tom. We now want to extend our use to Wherigo. We downloaded the zip file from Wherigo.com but I just cannot seem to get it installed. Anyone with a how-to-get-Wherigo-installed-on-my-Mitac-Mio-168-installation-guide-for-dummies?
  12. When will you be in Amsterdam and where are you staying?
  13. The easiest thing to do, is ask the owner. Or you can post your query on a local forum (Belgian / Dutch). Guess there is more chance in finding a Dutch speaking cacher that speak English as well there, then finding one here
  14. Or check with the owner. I have the same issue with our neighbours. Translations do not always work specially if the owner played with words.
  15. Yeah, sound familiar. When I fly over to the US it always takes quiet a while to find coverage. But once that is done, it works fine. Similar issue after I got home. But then it seems to recognize "home". It then always asks for calibration.
  16. Ncfinn, thank you so much for your support. Had a great day and really enjoyed it! And we found Rail Against the Machine together !!
  17. Perhaps it is not published yet and you were the first to find by accident Lucky you, there is a large group of cachers that is keen on having a FTF in their records
  18. Just spotted the typo it should be RBC. That one will be on my "find-whenever-I-am-in-Cary-again" list
  19. Mail on its way . I will also have a look at TBC.
  20. Well that should me give me good ones to walk around. I could do with a good hint for Rail Against The Machine. Last time I spend half an hour looking for the first part but did not find it. Just saw that it was found today so I will give that one another try next week Short hike is ~ 4 miles, I will arrive Saturday around 15:00 hrs so I will have the remainder of that day, the Sunday and the week evenings. However, this time of year daylight is limited. Depends on whether the cache is worth it. This is why I opened this post. I can only look at the pages and the available pictures. Unfortunately pixs are limited for the caches.
  21. Thanks! Sounds good, I will have a look at the link as well
  22. Yeah, I saw the large number of available caches. But reading through the logs I also note a lot of "not found" and also long times since the last find. That is why I asked for the assistance I prefer small short hikes. Last time I stayed in the Embassy Suites. In the area I did the Boulder cache (GCHQJ0) and some in the area of the hotel. I liked the walk in the park for Bouder. For this time I plan to do at least: Squeeze Da Grape (GCME7T) Big Pointy Teeth (GCMDMZ) Lair of the Lupines (GC14F6F) Rail Against The Machine (GCMV63) These were on my list last time and I did not find the last two then . The current plans are that I will arrive on Saturday and then have the Sunday to cache.
  23. I will be staying in Cary for about a week starting e/o January 2008. Naturally I will bring my "gear" . Any "must do" caches you can recommend?
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