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Palm Tungsten E2 - Map software?

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I just received a new Palm Tungsten E2 for my birthday for the purposes of geocaching. I have loaded cachemate onto it and that works well to give me the cache details. But it I still have to print out maps which show where the caches are located in the area that I will be caching each day. Is there any software that can be loaded onto my Palm which can also be used to mark/show cache locations? Or for that matter, is there any map software that can be loaded onto a Palm?


If not, what is there a good way to import "screen dumps/screen shots" of cache maps into a Palm?

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I have tried a number of different things. Outdoor Navigator worked well while it was available for Topo Maps but they quit selling the product.


I was just going to suggest Mapopolis, but when I go to their site it says that they have discontinued all direct to consumer sales -- so now I don't know what to suggest. Will be watching to see what others suggest

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