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I use the eXplorist 400. It's brand new, just bought it. It has great accuracy. I used my dad's eXplorist 200 for a while and it's pretty accurate too although it liked to jump around under a lot of tree coverage whereas the 400 doesn't do that as much. I liked using the eXplorist...that's why I upgraded. Good luck!

How much did it cost?

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I have a friend who's 10rr old son wants to get into geocaching but is on a tight budget. Anyone got a good GPSr for under $75?

Have you considered a mobile/cell phone that has the symbian operating system on it? It's just a matter of installing software on it and buying a GPS receiver unit for $30 or less. Ebay is a ood start area for that.

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My first new GPSr was a eXplorist 100.


I was using it up to yesterday (found over 220 caches with it). Really good basic unit. Good accuracy and good battery life. I like the user interface for entering coords.


Just yesterday I changed to a Garmin Legend as our local Wal-Mart had a sale on a bundle of a Legend and MapSource Topo for under $200. As the maps are regularly $180, I thought this was a good deal.


I will miss using my 100 as I get used to the Legend.

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