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  1. Ive been looking for this thread forever! I finally found it!
  2. I have only been to 2 geocaches but i found a key and a superman figure. Not bad. Not bad at all.
  3. I have gone 4 times looking for this cache. The last 3 times i got hints. I looked on the exact spot they said but i couldnt find it. I even got my brother to help and we searched the bushes at least 10 times. What do i do?
  4. When someone leaves something very nice in a cache, and then the next person either : 1. Takes it and leaves something cheap. i.e. Mctoys, a quarter etc. 2. Just takes it. 3. Takes it and trashes the geocache Why cant they be respectful.
  5. I think ill just say. Muggle: What are you doing? Well, i could tell you. But then id have to kill you!
  6. Well the house is pretty close. I might drop by tomorrow. I doubt that its lost though.
  7. I think its a coin that has a tracking bug in it so they can find out where the coin has been.
  8. SOunds like im goin with this one.
  9. You have spurred my brain. I will change this about our great and wonderful hobby. They will not ruin it!
  10. I would really like a way to do this because i have a laptop and dont really want to buy a gps if i can use the laptop. I have windows xp.
  11. I thought we werent supposed to let muggles find us.
  12. If you dont mind me asking, how much did you originally pay for it and how accurate is it? Like how many feet can it get you within the cache?
  13. How accurate is it? Like within how many feet?
  14. Just a regular address. Like 1234 21st street. No tag though
  15. The gps could be broken or something, I want to buy a new one, but im scared about doing it here.
  16. What am i supposed to do with it?
  17. Sorry. Im still trying to figure out this forum.
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