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Caching in Brussels

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We (Mark [ie Mr BK] and I) are planning a weekend in Brussels this weekend and would like to grab a few caches while we are there. I see that there are 32 traditional caches in the "State/Province" of Brussels. Can any one recommend any "must do" caches, or any we should avoid? We don't want to attempt any multis or puzzle caches that might take up a lot of time. And we have no intention of trying to find all 32!


Many thanks, Jenny

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Can any one recommend any "must do" caches, or any we should avoid?


I have been caching in Brussels twice so far and must say I found most of the more urban caches (micros) in the centre quite stressful with the amount of muggles around. There are however quite a few nice parks as well. My favourites park caches were:




I fondly remember:




I hated:


GCXP6G (attempted during rush hour)

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If you're in the city centre and 'doing the sights' while you're there, then a good cache to do would be 'Grute Met' (GCRNQG) as to takes you to some of the popular ones. It is a multi, but if you're going to those places anyway... plus the stages are all quite close together.

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