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GPS Software for Truckers

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My grandparents have Microsoft streets and trips and have been frustrated with how terrible it has been. They already have a USB GPS receiver but want a new piece of software. Being truckers they want something that they can plug in the address of where they are going and a route will be generated for them. Any suggestions?

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Wolfbait, I use S&T in a truck, what problems are they having?


S&T will give street directions, the maps are usually accurate, but not geared directly to trucks, no low\weak bridge or trucks prohibited info. Still, works fairly well as a way to see the route in on major roads. Using GSAK, I can also put a pushpin on the map to represent each cache, so I can see it coming up and get an idea whether or not I can get to it.


I take it by your question that they already are running the GPSr into the program. If not, it can be done easily. Also, they should try to make one of the truck shows, to see what the various mapping companies offer at one place. Some throw pretty good specials or give away introductory software at these also. The show in Dallas is the last week of August, I think, and there is a smaller one in Shreveport shortly after that.

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