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Geocache Event Etiquette

Odyssey Voyager

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this question has probably been answered a thousand times here but, i could not find a thread that made things clear. so my question is: can personal geocoins be sold at geocache events? i've just had a new geocoin minted and i wanted to share it and sell it with local cachers at a near-by event, but the host has not replied to my email asking for permission to sell my coins there, so...here i am. i just don't want to step on anybody's toe's. thanks for any advice you all can share. by the way, this is my very first geocache event, so please be gentle with me... :anibad:

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...would you have one of these coins out for people to discover, actually log?


yes, i'd like to take my small geocoin collection for all to see, discover, and hold, along with my own personal geocoin design and a few brand new, unactivated, uncirculated geocoins for sale if cachers like my design. is there anyone here that has been to an event with someone sharing and selling coins?

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is there anyone here that has been to an event with someone sharing and selling coins?


Yep. Many events have had coin sales/trading going on. Some events even set aside space for it, like at the Midwest Geobash.


thank you for the replies. i am so glad you all could shed some light on attending my first geocache event.

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