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Need Recommendation for Palm!

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OK, so could someone please recommend an inexpensive PALM hand-held device to use in conjunction with my Garmin NUVI 660 GPS for geocaching? Once all the waypoints are loaded in my GPS, I'd like to be able to also load them in a Palm to show the description, hint and maybe a couple of logs for whatever cache I'm going after. Any help would be appreciated! I just need something that has a large screen and is easily readable! Thanks! Carmi

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...I just need something that has a large screen and is easily readable! Thanks! Carmi


Let that guide you. Virtually any palm will work including old junky ones you can get off eBay for 30 bucks. Some have bigger and better screens than others.


I swear that companies forget we need to be able to see the screen on things. Hopefully the new iPhone will lead the way (not a Palm though...).

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I picked up a cheap Zire 21 (if I remember correctly) on eBay last year, and it really works just fine for caching. With Cachemate, you can upload a good 3,000-ish caches (including descriptions, hints, recent logs, etc.).


Like most things in life, this made me hungry for a newer Palm, so I got a Palm TX. It has wireless Internet capabilities, so that's cool... plus expandable memory, so I can really load tons and tons of cache information into it.


The paperless caching thing has really been nice -- it certainly beats printing stuff out all the time!

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Almost any Palm will work. I have a IIIC (color) and a IIIx (monochrome). Both are ok to read, but my Treo 650 is brighter. I am older and wear trifocal glasses. That said, one consideration is connecting it to your computer. Most of the older ones use a serial connection, while others use a USB. It then depends on what connections your computer has. Some laptops do not have a serial port. There are adapters but that is additional cost to be factored in. Ebay and craig list and the Garage Sale Forum are good places to look for a good deal. If you drop a cheep one in the mud or water, you will cry less.

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