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Geocoin Mission Summer/Winter Solstice and 4th July USA Independence Day

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1. check

2. check

3. check (and planning to send a special coin when I track it down)

4. package received when I was on a cache run last Thursday and my noncaching wife coudn't find where she placed it until today! :rolleyes: Thanx for all the goodies Tim! :rolleyes::unsure:


In the bad Karma department I have not mailed my mission yet (I have informed her though) so therefore it's only fair that I have not received mine yet either.


1. Participating in July 4th - Email Sent

2. Received Name - 5/17

3. Mission Complete - sending package tomorrow

4. Package Received - not yet

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Heres a killer mission I recieved before I went to MO. form T-Sun But the goodies got seperated and I had to retrieve the goods from Sweetpea so I could take a pic!...She informed me that I had better get these back to her without grease on them!!! She didnt say anything about wrinkles!!! :ninja::):D




How bout that-eh? Mission for me and the little Geo-Bun in the oven!!! We were stoked when we opened it and what cool little baby stuff...You see that...That little "I want you to change my diaper" baby coverall~It must be talkin to Sweetpea!!!! :huh:;)


And check out the mission coins along with that "Raiders of the lost cache and the little buddy trinket from Belize!!!! The LE Whale trail was a trader, but Geeze...what a cool mission!!!




Thanks T-Sun, this was a very special mission that we were very happy to recieve!!!

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Just realized I forgot to post in here. I received a very thoughtful package from my secret person for the 4th of July. Here is a picture of all my goodies. Thank you!!!!



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Ble68, the package made its way here safely. Thanks very much. The coins are awesome! I love the Dorkfish and my wife just loves the Geolicious. Now I just have to find a location for the cache! Thanks again!

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