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Sock puppet account

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Sock puppet accounts are when you are attempting to hide your identity, usually for nefarious reasons. You can have ‘alternative’ accounts provide they are used for geocaching.


Setting up an account to log your own main account seems like a bit "too little too late", if you ask me.

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Sock Puppet accounts can be pucker or mischievious in my opinion. A lot are formed to hide the identity of the cacher as he/she may wish to disguise the setter of a cache, to remain anonymous in forums, to remain impartial (moderators/reviewers).


Others are created to cause havoc, disrupt the game etc. However, I cannot see how or why someone would create an account in order to log their own caches. Wjat's the point? What's the benefit?

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I've an alternative account, which I setup to place a specific series of caches.

My main account did eventually log those caches, purely as a way of playing along with the theme of the series, getting them off my nearest unfound list, and also as my daughter did visit all of the caches, it would have looked a bit odd for her to log her finds without an accompanying log from myself.


I am aware of at least one cacher in the Kent area who doesn't play fair. He has two accounts and claims FTF on all his own hides - I think most of the locals know about him already.

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:anicute: Do sock puppet accounts just fill the geo-players list with phonies DO YOU KNOW OF ANY! :anicute: is it a cheet? awnsers please

A good Sock Puppet account would be difficult to detect, if used for the reasons you have described here.


I can't HONESTLY say that I do know of one. But I do SUSPECT that there may be one over this end of the border. As it is only SUSPICION I can only surmise to who it may be? Why have they got a bogus account placing caches, only they would know at this time? :anicute:

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There are different kinds of sock puppet accounts. Some are made to cause mischief and others to create a different cache-setting persona. There are quite a few North of the Border. It took me a while to work out who 'Beautiful Zelda and Mr Apollo' were!

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