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Mapsource Update

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Thanks for the heads up then . . . I have XP Media on this DELL laptop and that OS is incompatible with Palm's Desktop software. HotSyncing my Palm causes the computer to crash unless I close all other programs and log in as Administrator . . . :laughing:


Maybe the new Mapsource update is also not compatible with that OS . . . :D

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Guess what? It loaded the new update even though it crashes... I went to submit a call to Garmin, opened Mapsource to varify the version I had been running, and it shows 6.12.3... much to my surprise. I have gone through the list of new additions and it looks so far like everything is there and working.


I still submitted a problem report to Garmin, we will see what they say,

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I just received my 60CSx today. The included Mapsource disk was something less than 6.12.2. I ran the "Check for Software Updates" from the Mapsource program "Help" menu. The latest update it said was available was 6.12.2. I downloaded and installed that update, then I went to the link posted on this forum for 6.12.3...downloaded and installed it with no problems.


AND...I am running Windows XP Media Edition...so that's not an issue.

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