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Any way to quickly set a course with 60csx?

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I am a member of the local Ground Search and Rescue group, and I am often assigned a task that involves searching along a specified heading for some time/distance. It is very difficult to stay on course when traveling on a side slope shooting with a compass. I can make a route with the 60csx, but it is a bit tedious having to set 2 different waypoints and build a route to follow.


The 60csx manual states that you can "sight n' go" by aiming the GPS and following the "course" set. But the actual course line moves around with you. This may keep you on your heading, but not on course.


Is there a way of quickly aiming and shooting a course that is fixed without having to set two waypoints and navigating between them?


Thanks for your help.

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You can change the compass arrow on the 60CSx from "Heading" to "Bearing". The bearing compass points to you distination. Using this approach, you could "project" a waypoint, say 10 or 100 miles away, at the heading you want, and then tell the unit to Goto the waypoint "Off Road". The bearing arrow will always point to your distination, which will keep you on course.


I'm afraid I not used the Sight-n-go function.

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Thanks, but that will not work. The pointer will always point to the destination, but how I get there is not fixed. I could wander 2 km to the left, but the GPS simply points to my destination. The whole point is to stay on a set course, so I know I am on track and we know what areas have been searched. There is often search teams on either side of me and if we wander off course, areas are missed. While its possible to build a course, it is time consuming. I was hoping for a quicker, easier way.

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It sounds like SkydiverBC actually wants to use the "Course" mode. When viewing the map screen, press Menu the select Setup Map and press Enter. Move to the 2nd icon across the top, then the bottom option will be "Go To Line" - select Course.


Now when you walk along, keep an eye on the map screen. As you deviate from the course, you'll see yourself move away from the course line on the map. When terrain permits, you can then guide yourself back to the line.

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