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Finds vs. Posts

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Most of the time people like to say "if you have more posts than finds..." then they finish with some disparaging comment.


But the other day it occurred to me that the top cachers actually have more finds than the top posters. That's amazing. I can whip out a post in less time than it takes to find a lamp post micro. Even if the top finders did nothing but lamp post micro's it's an impressive feat. Most of them find everything making it that much harder to stay ahead of the posts. :)


Damned Impressive.


I just wanted to note that I live in the same region as the top poster and he may not have as many finds as the top finder, but he's got a TON of fantastic hides. He places some really quality caches in great spots, with fantastic views. I've found a mere fraction of his caches, but I can say with confidence that he puts a lot of thought into his placements. I really look forward to going back to some of the parks that he's covered in caches; these are some of the nicest parks in our region as well, that I probably would never have heard of if not for all of the caches :)

So maybe being one of the top posters (and I'm sure this goes for everyone on that list) isn't just about liking to talk (or about the relative ease of hitting reply), it seems its about giving back, making a contribution to the geocaching community.

Thank you BrianSnat for all the fantastic hides you've placed in North Jersey, and for all the time and effort you put into supporting the geocaching community.


That being said I can't even fathom finding 20,000 caches!

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