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Cachemate question

Doctor A

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Sorry if this isn't in the right area, but I'm hoping someone might be able to answer a cachemate question. Once I start indicating that caches are found, how can I then go back to that ever growing list of found ones and sort them by date? It gets harder each time I go out, to enter my finds, b/c I have to scroll through the ever longer list of found ones and try to remember which ones were found yesterday. Anyone know of a way to achieve this?

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make a category called to log or something of that nature. Put the found caches here that you have not logged. Then at the end of the day view that category and change them to the found category as you log them. This is how I did it on my Palm.

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I use the "bookmark" check box on the Info page. You can easily pull up the bookmarked caches, and then clear the bookmarks when your done with them.


Dittos on the "bookmark" function, Doc. Except that I don't bother tediously entering log comments into my Palm, or using GSAK to do the same. I just pull up the individual cache pages when I get home and enter my comments then. I just find that simpler and avoids all the typos (graffytos?) of using the Palm.

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In the field, as I find caches, I change the category for the cache to the "Found" category I created. Once I log the cache at GC.com, I check the "Found?" checkbox in the caches log. The "Found?" checkbox grays out the entry title in the "Found" category list, so I know at a glance which have been logged and which haven't.

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