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New Idea for "Map It"


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The You Found/Own* selection is a good tool and I use it alot to see where I need to plan my caching adventures. I do believe that an option to "Take off Found Caches" would significantly help cachers. Upon clicking this option all the caches that you have found would not be shown on the map, which would show only the caches that you need to go after. Sometimes there are caches that are on top of each other and by clicking this new option it would reveal those caches. Please look into this, I do believe all cachers will appreciate it.



Aaron Bopp , "dentful1"

Glenwood, Arkansas, United States

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I am not as crazy with the look and use of the google maps "map it" feature. I like to be able to remove caches I've found from the list, and show archived caches occasionally.


The old geocaching maps "map it" feature can still be used, click on a cache page and select the geocaching maps viewing. On there you can view results in google maps. Perhaps a link to view results in geocaching.com maps can be added to that.

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Regarding the old maps, you can still access them from any cache listing. Click on the "Geocaching.com Maps" link towards the bottom of a cache listing. We've been experiencing many issues, such as the obvious one of having trouble updating the cache data on the maps.


In looking at the page I can definitely see where that functionality is far from intuitive. We'll do our best to improve the Google Maps functionality to make it better. Any helpful feedback would be appreciated.


Nevermind! I see Jeremy already posted on it in another thread. :rolleyes:

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