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Wanted: Software for HandyGPS for Palm


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Terrific idea! They had the software. Unfortunately, the maps were not available, but I can keep looking for them. Thanks so much for the tip!


No worries...if its PDA related, I seem to have run across it. (I owned a HandyGPS for a while)


For what it's worth, the HandyGPS isn't the greatest GPS module to be using for geocaching (I'm not sure if that's what you are using it for, but you ARE at geocaching.com!). If your son really wants to geocache, I'd recommend almost anything else to use. It will work....but it's frustrating, trust me I did it for a (short) while. You can get some very good deals here on the Garage Sale forum, and if nothing else, lots of free advice from people "in-the-know". There is a Magellan Springboard module for the Visor that seems to get a much more favorable review.




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