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I thought it was gone!


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Went out today to check on my cache, almost like geocaching right!?

Well I ge to GZ, and oh no its gone! Well this is my first and only hide so I'm pretty bummed. So I think for a minute, the cache is close to the river, and it was real swollen about three weeks ago. So mabey, just mabey it floated down stream. With my heart heavy I proceed down the trail and about 100 feet or so what do I see?


the missing CACHE!!!! YAHOO!! I can't belive it! ;)




well the cache is home with me for a day or so. I want to photo the log book to keep and there were a couple of kids sleading in the park.


my cache: GCWDGN


so I guess it goes to show you a 'lost' cache may still be found!!


BTW can I log it as a 'find' ........haha, just kidding, no really just kidding!

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Nice job!

I see from the logs that previous cachers found it in the river as well. You might want to consider a way to anchor it in place (maybe tied to a tree or something).

Also, if you brought the cache home for a few days, you should really disable it (not archive!) until it's back out there so people don't waste time looking for a cache that isn't there.

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That reminds me of a tough hide that I found recently. It's a 7-stage multi in a state park about an hour away from home, and each of the first six stages is nothing more than a round metal tag stamped with the coordinates of the next stage (it's a tour of the plant life in the park ... each tag is affixed to a different species of plant).


Well, the tag for stage 3 was supposed to be attached to a steel bar sticking up in the middle of some tall grasses in a marshy prairie. The coords were spot on - the bar was right where it was supposed to be. But there had been a fire relatively recently (no prior cacher had mentioned it in their logs) which burned away nearly all of the grass in the prairie, leaving blackened ashes all over the place. The tag was missing from the pole.


Miraculously I found it, face down, in the middle of a blackened pile of ashes - it was the perfectly round shape that gave it away. Both sides were charred and black - I was barely able to scratch off enough of the burned gunk to be able to read the coords for the next stage.

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Wow, it must be cold everywhere!

as I was disableing the cache I got three replys, cool.

I am thinking of a way to help keep it it place. So far in the life of the cache the river has risen about three times, but only this last time was it washed away! I guess the spring thaw will be the next big challenge!


thanks for taking the time to read my post.

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haha! that same thing happend to me today! after me and my dad had a few finds for the day we went to check out my cache and it was gone! so i looked around for awhile to see if i could find it and there it was about 50 feet from where i hid it. its inside of a log that made and it was wide open, you could see the film can, haha!

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