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HELP looking for caching pill geocoin

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this is a request because some website that shall remain nameless botched my order and now they have none unless i want to pay three times as much on ebay which i am not does anyone have any they would sell me i am a combat army nurse in germany and wanted one to dedicate to the wounded troops over here i work at landsthul army hospital here in germany and my time is almost up and i wanted to release it before i left i would pay more just not on ebay can you help thanks

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I had some caching pills on Ebay so I ended one early since the item is "no longer for sale". I don't collect geocoins, but I do like to place them in caches. Being a single parent money is always tight so I buy a couple of each coin I want to place and place one and sell the other one or ones. I usually have some money in my paypal account to be able to place some coins in the wild. I probably wouldn't be able to do it otherwise. Some people on the forums don't think it's right to sell them on E-bay, and I would never sell a trade only coin; but if the coin was being sold and some people are willing to pay more for it on E-bay, I don't see the problem. At any rate - PM me with your mailing address and I will send you one caching pill geocoin, my gift. Thanks for serving our country!

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