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Printing out many cache pages


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Hello All-


I recently upgraded to the Premium membership since I am doing more geocaching during my business trips around the world.


What I do is find the coordinates for my hotel I'm staying in and then search for all caches in that area. Let's say it finds 20. I then want to print the cache page for each of those 20 caches.


I thought there was a way with the Premium feature to do this, but I can not find it. I tried adding all of them to a bookmark, but I don't see an option to print each page.


I find it time-consuming to open each cache page, print, close, then open the next, etc, etc.


Is there a way to do this?


Thank you!



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This isn't exactly what you would asked about but you can print a summary of the caches you are interested in. Twenty caches would fit easily on one page.


Run your pocket query for the location you want, then upload this to GSAK. You can then display the fields you want printed. For example: the GC #, cache name, cache size, difficulty levels, and coordinates. This won't get you the cache description, hints, or previous logs but it does give you an idea of what you will be looking for while you are out. Of course, this works best with regular caches where you pretty much just go find a container.

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Guess I am just old school..I like the feeling of paper! ( I still use map and compass sometimes too)I use both methods (GSAK list and PDA) The GSAK list is in spread sheet form and can be formated anyway you want, by distance, name, direction, what ever, and along with some hand written notes is often all we need...The PDA is handy in the field when she asks "What was the clue for this one?" and I am struck by the random "senior moment"! ...another added benefit of the printed out GSAK listing is that it fills the contractors clipboard that she carries to aid the "pay no attention to the person in the bright yellow work vest" scam...

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