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  1. From another topic on Cemetery caches in Texas.............. Texas has an Open Cemetery law. That basically means there it no such thing as a private cemetery in the state. If you're a land owner, and there's a cemetery on your land, you are required to allow anyone who wants to visit the cemetery to do so. The land owner is allowed to make reasonable restrictions, such as imposing specific visiting days and times. But they're not allowed to make a complete ban. and from the same thread.................
  2. And you are saying this because you have found all of the 200 or so that are within a 2 mile radius of Stone Mountian Park right? Geocache search centered on Stone Mountain
  3. Looks like there are only 2 active caches in the whole state that were placed in 2000. GC184 - State Game Lands #109 placed on 09/21/2000 and GCFF Stone Wall Stash placed on 12/27/2000 Looks like a road trip is in order.
  4. As Markwell suggested with the advanced seek page, I end up with 1747 for Zip code 75044. Dallas Suburb of Garland Tx.
  5. The TXGA site is down for some upgrades. I have sent a message to see if I can get you some help.
  6. The Barton Creek Greenbelt looks like a great place to have your party. If you would like some more suggestions visit the CENTX Yahoo group. You will find friendly helpful folks there that will have several suggestions. Central Texas Geocachers
  7. Check out this page if you think you have too much going on! Not dissing the Cache page as it is one of my Favortie caches and also one of the most stunning cache write up I have come across. GCY2MW Incan Ink & Ian
  8. Actually on your profile page on the right hand side is a link to search for all of the newest in Maryland The events are always at the top of the list as they are in the future and the list is sorted by date. Looks like there are 2 coming up soon. One in July on the 17th GC2AMGN Psychobob's Breakfast Bonanza ANd Aug 14th GC2982H Maryland Geocaching Society Summer Picnic 2010 You could also host your own event and invite other Scouts to join in on the fun!
  9. Roland_oso


    Not enough of a pic to tell if it is a Copperhead. Good News is that for the most part they are a non-agressive snake and if they do strike you it is often a dry bite for the first bite. Here are a few I have spotted while out caching!
  10. Just a quick word on what type to choose. I was told by my reviewer to make it a multi as he could not publish it as a mystery/puzzle cache. Reason was the hunt needed to include having to use your GPS.
  11. If you have maps installed you can use the unit to provide turn by turn directions to get to the general area then switch to off road mode once you are at the park/location the cache is in. If you do not have maps and until you get used to working with you unit to travel some distance to get near a cache, start with viewing the online maps that show the caches overlaid onto google maps to figure out how to best get to the general area. Then drive to the area/park where the cache is located and then use your GPS when you get close.
  12. All 3 Tritons I have played with have had the same problems and issues. I would steer clear of that model of GPS.
  13. If it's help in Texas I would suggest visiting The Texas Geocaching Association Consider this official permission to post any pertinent information on that website.
  14. Texas Parks and Wildlife will be having a Texas Outdoor Family weekend at Palo Duro coming up on the 17th and 18th of April. I will contact someone that will be there that weekend and get that cache rescued. Do you want the stuff back, or can I have the person place the bugs and tags in one of the existing caches in the park?
  15. Define Close? There are about 14,000 caches within a 100 mile radius of of Downtown Dallas. and About 6,000 of those are within a 25 mile radius of downtown Dallas I think there are a few left for you to find.
  16. I did a 30 mile trek yesterday on my Schwinn Ranger and found 11 caches along the way.
  17. Wow talk about synchronicity. Just this morning I was getting dressed and thinking about the up-coming Texas Challenge. There on my shelf was a pair of jeans that I bought while attending the Texas Challenge in 2008. These Jeans have what amount to a “built-in” pair of chaps. I thought, “with the propensity of cacti encounters at this year’s Challenge, I might just want to wear these jeans”. It will be a crap shoot as far as the weather goes. It’s a good chance that it will be somewhat cold still so getting too hot should not be a factor, but if it is raining that day I would not want to be burdened with a pair of wet jeans. I’ll snap a picture of them tonight and post it here for all to see. I did find these on the web that are close to what I have, but mine are standard blue denim uppers with the built in brown chap lowers. Cordura® Front Work Dungaree Edit to add another link. I think these are even the same brand Wrangler as I bought them at an Outlet in Mineral Wells. WRANGLER Upland Jeans
  18. It may have been the closet cache to you, but where does the GPSr think it is? If the last time it was used was 100 miles away and it is not getting reception at the moment because of being inside, the unit still thinks it is 100 miles away.
  19. As a Scoutmaster and Geocacher, I have made integrating Geocaching into Scout Activities a crusade of mine for several years and I know first hand the obstacles encountered with “Groups” getting in the game. I often visit with Scout Packs, Troops and Crews and give a basic Geocaching course complete with finding a few temp caches I have set up for the day. I have made it a point to not discuss the hiding aspect, because IMHO hiding caches is much more work than finding them. I have hidden several Scout caches and even one with my Troop, but I hid it under my personal account and maintain as one of my own. The requirements for the soon to be released Geocaching Merit Badge have not been published, but I hope that Hiding a cache is not a requirement. I hope that it is not even an option of a requirement as many merit badges have “do 3 of the following 6” type requirements. I’m sure to be heavily involved with Geocaching activities in my Council and plan on stressing to leaders that I will come across to really think about the responsibility that comes along with hiding a cache. Geocaching is a great way to get kids excited about getting outdoors. If you tell a group of “Generation Video Game” kids that you are going to go on a 5 mile hike, you are going to hear a bunch of moaning and groaning. You tell them that you are going to go Treasure Hunting with what amounts to a handheld video game, you will be the one begging them to call it a day 10 miles later. The beauty of it is the true treasure is getting them outdoors and after a few trips the boys realize that themselves.
  20. Here in North Texas it means 6 more weeks of not having to worry about the PI as much, once Spring has Sprung so does the PI!
  21. Here in North Texas it means 6 more weeks of not having to worry about the PI as much, once Spring has Sprung so does the PI!
  22. Only 4 days remaining for the pre-sale. The Texas Resident variation will only be available during the pre-sale so order yours today!
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