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Deception Pass Geocoin


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Sorry if this has been covered before.


Im not sure of this history of the Deception Pass geocoin, I know it did have an icon but then the icon was taken away and it defaulted to the standard personal geocoin icon. But could somebody advise why this coin has been showing the little red cross error box on my profile for months yet it shows as the default personal geocoin icon when you enter coins own screen and also how to get this fixed please?


Thanks very much

Mark :lol:

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Thanks Guys,


If I look at my account details page, right hand side, I see all the coins and TB's I currently have in my possession. The deception coin seems to be missing the default coin logo but then if I click on the coin icon/name and go into the coins own page I can see the icon has appeared correctly in the top left. Im wondering if this is something to do with the coin having an icon originally which was swapped for a default one about the time I got one fo the coins? Either way it would be nice if it was showing correctly on my profile - can anybody help please?



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