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Is there anyplace you can go on geocaching.com to drop pictures that you have taken of say a favorite cache or a picture that would be considered spoiler information. I have several pictures that show the actual cache in it. Yeah, I know there is the blog called, cool caches. But I want the pictures to show up in my gallery. Can anyone help me out with this??

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One thing you could do is upload the pictures to an old archived cache of yours. I sometimes do this if I want to use a picture as background or a text image, but don't want a reference to it on that cache page. GM


As does GM, I use an old archived cache of mine. In my case I use the archived cache for holding jpegs of flags I use in my trackables pages to show the countries and states my trackables have been too.


Another option could be your ISP. Do they give you some free website space that you could use?




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