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My first cache find was sure eventful


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Just started out in the hobby and my first cache hunt was quite action packed!


I decided on "What a FOWL cache!" as my first time hunt. I drove past the site several times but it was too busy with muggles.


So finally, I drove out with the wife and little one and waited for my opportunity. Just after lunch when all the bird watchers left, I made my move. After much searching I found myself puzzled...Is it really here? Well I decided to back track and try another approach.


As I walked towards my car, I saw my wife waving me down! OMG! What is wrong! I ran towards her to find and elderly man flat on the rocks at the edge of the canal. It turns out the elderly man who was ill wanted to come out and spend some quality time with his wife and nature in the great out doors. Myself and his wife helped him up and tended to his banged up face and wisked him away to be taken care of.


We sat in the car contemplating life for a while.


Wow! I was so glad I was there to help. After this event, I decided to look another day.


After being home for an hour or so, the thought of going to my first cache and coming home empty drove me nuts! I had to find it. Away I went, on the hunt again. I arried to an empty parking area. WooHoo! I am going to find it this time. I went to my pre-empted approach and ended up real close to the waters edge. How could it be here? I looked in the water, I looked in the trees, i looked all over. Then I spotted it. How am i going to get that?


It was like I was a kid again, climbing, reached, stretching and YES, I GOT IT. Thanks walking woody. This was a fun cache.


I am hooked on this hobby now :-)



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You were certainly in the right place at the right time and your new hobby brought you there. It's going to bring you to all sorts of great locations though not many experiences with muggles will be like yesterday was! We're glad your Fowl Cache was a success, congratulations! We hear from too many people that it takes them many, many tries before the finally find their first cache, so you did great! Cache On! Hope to meet you on the trails one day :anitongue:

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.... and there's NOTHING like the first find. It's a one-time deal, and although all finds are good fun, the very first one will always have a special feeling attached to it.


When I was getting my pilot's licence, that very first solo gave me the same feeling. The first time you're allowed to go up there on your very own without the instructor.... priceless. The 2nd time was fun, the there's nothing like the first time.





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Congrats on your first find ... and a Walking Woody one too! I've done that cache and I can't imagine finding that my first time out.. or my second.. or... well let's just say that without help it would still be on my DNF list! Good for you! Luckily they're not all that tough... unless you're talking about a Woody cache. :unsure:


Hope to see you out at one of the local events! There's one right around the corner (so to speak) on the 20th in Freelton.

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I just had my first cache hunt on Sunday...I did "The Bat Cave" hunt on the escarpment, and it was an absolute blast! I am hooked...


However, this particular cache included searched through 3-4 "caves" to find the it....it really provided for a great experience. I was thinking afterwards that no hunt will probably seem as good as the "cave" aspect really added a nice touch.



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I first heard about geocaching from a co-worker a few years back but didn't really start until about a year and a half ago. I totally agree that the first find is a thrill and I was immediately hooked. I always look forward to going out and finding the next cache. I have done quite a few with my Dad and have introduced the sport to a few new people now. I think it's also a great way to see new areas that you never knew were there or things you never thought would be there. I have a lot of great scenery pictures of places where we have found caches. :drama::blink:

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