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Garmin Maps Nightmare?


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Need some help please with the software from hell. I picked up the Garmin City Navigator to load into my 60CSx. So far so good. The fun starts attempting to do the Unlock code thing and I'm hoping that someone knows how to work through this mess.......


Loaded disc into computer. Did the install thing. Brought up the mapsource icon only to run into the "Locked Maps Detected" screen. No big deal.....went to Unlock Maps Wizard (read devil screen.....)


Logged in. Had handy unlock certificate, jewel case the disc came in with the 10-digit serial number, full cup of coffee, couple oatmeal cookies. (so far so good...)


Picked the map option. Carefully entered the unlock code. (still so far so good.....)


Message came back: this code is associated with the version 8 City Navigator (Gee, thanks for that bit of information) But it asks for an 8 digit serial number. My serial number has 10 digits.....


Entered 10 digit serial number. Error message pooped all over my serial number. :laughing: Tried picking out 8 of the 10 numbers in various combinations thinking that may work. Nope. This stupid thing seems to only want 8 digits.....


Went back, got glasses. Entered Unlock code, serial number, mother's maiden name, blood type, dogs name etc. More error messages.


Tried going in the other way, using the internal number on the GPS. Nada.


OK. Back to unlock wizard. Not feeling so Wizardly. Went through whole thing again. Went through whole thing again. (Repeat reading this until you get annoyed.)


Called the tech support lines. Busy. busy. busy. :D


Amazingly enough, I got through on the non-toll-free line. Have so far been on hold listening to Cheery Christmas Music for 20 30 minutes. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I found 4 caches on Monday quicker than I have gotten through to this place.


Any ideas?

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Well.....after 45 minutes of Christmas Muzak, I ended up talking to a very nice guy who proceeded to do the entire unlock thing.


Used the unlock code number on the certificate - I was clever enough not to throw it out (this time.......)


In the exact same way I did. After much "hmmmming" he went in the back way (not sure how, but I think he had the magic key)


He read the 25 (!) digit unlock code. I entered it and am now up and running.


Very cool. He had no idea how/why the web site wasn't agreeing with the serial number on the map disc or accepting the internal one to my GPS as it showed already registered.


go figure.



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