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Uploading to GPS... still clueless


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I have a Magellan Explorist XL and still can't get the waypoints/POIs to upload. I am starting to go nuts with this thing. I think I need a Fisher Price GPS, lol. Your help is most appreciated.

I am using the Magellan Geocache Manager that came with the software for the GPS. It seems the most user friendly/dummy proof and its already loaded on my computer. I can put the waypoints on there both manually & downloading from the website. When I hit 'Send to GPS' the box pops up asking if I want to send all (yes I do) and to plug in the GPS & turn it on then press ok. I do all that & then it pops up right away & says Tranfer Complete. Great! But when I go to look at the POIs on the GPS the folders are all empty. ??? So the computer thinks its done the job but the GPS doesn't recieve the info. Everything is plugged in right & the GPS is in the USB File Transfer mode. What am I doing wrong????


Sorry to keep bothering you all, just don't know who else to ask with emailing Magellan & it will probably take awhile to get a response from them.

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Another Thing That Can [seem to] Go Wrong: Geocache Manager may have written to internal memory or the SD card. If you are looking in the wrong geocache folder, you won't see anything. In Active Setup, navigate up levels until you can choose between internal and SD memory, then drill down.

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When ever I save Geocaches, POI, and tracklogs to my eXplorist XL, I always save them to the SD memory card, so I can keep them on the removeable card, then I can do a CLEAR ALL to the GPS without worrying about loosing my data.


Active Setup is where you need to select your default POI, Geocache points, and maps, also If some of your items are in the wrong place in the GPS memory, you can easily move them to the SD memory card.

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