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  1. After a quick fix to get the explorist XL to read the caches off a card from a explorist 500. card is in the unit, but not appearing to read the caches at all
  2. I think you may find that the problem all along may have been a form of corruption in one of your files, such as the detail map, which stopped the unit from powering on properly. I can't say I have had this issue before, as I had a Explorist 210 as well, and had a detail map too. Although it doesn't surprise me that something like a detail map got corrupted.
  3. CanSolo

    Yahoo Maps

    You will find that most online maps will lack the detail needed in Australia, especially when it's well outside any of the major cities. Give it time, and these maps will get the detail they need. Quite obviously a population of 21 Million compared to 300 Million, I would tell you where I would be concentrating on to make sure the maps have plenty of detail....
  4. Wouldn't have the wrong map datum running? Is it still set to WGS84??
  5. Since it looks like you aren't a premium member, which means the loc files you download don't have much information at all. Need to be a premium member to get all that kind of info
  6. Considering it is a break from the NT base code (Started in 1992) what do you expect? XP was just a Win2000 update, which was an update from NT 4.... Expect this with the next release of Windows, meant to be totally different again....
  7. I would as well, considering most speedo's have an inherent and allowed error. In Australia, they are allowed to have an error of 10%
  8. Good device, does plenty, and having the maps is handy for those non-urban caches. Couldn't be more pleased, although being in Australia, we have the European model, which now has the improved firmware. This speeds up satellite acquisition, and in general does a great job.
  9. It is the design of the firmware, just follow the arrow, it will tell you where the cache is....
  10. Considering it was 1991 when they started using red ribbons for AIDS, I believe it was the predecessor to all of the other "fads" to help raise money for charity. I believe they are at the end of their life. How about just something a little more original..............
  11. You will need to multiply them. IE .95 will be 57 minutes...
  12. What program are you using to load the programs onto it? What age are these maps? Older Mapsend packages? Magellan switched from one type of processor to another, and this is where the problems come from. Look for img to imi conversion. Try this site: http://msh-tools.com/exploristmsend.html This will allow MobileMapper Office to refer directly to your Mapsend Packages and convert them accordingly to the correct Magellan format.
  13. Get used to using a couple of screens, the map is good to see where it is when driving, to plan your attack, but I am like the rest, use the arrow to find it. My wife uses one of the newer screens, she like the L/R directions better.
  14. Considering the units are both identical, other than a metric default on the Euro unit and Imperial on the NA..... WAAS and EGNOS are both the same thing (different implementations of WADGPS) and are handled the same by the unit. Even Japans' MSAS is picked up here in Australia as WAAS on my unit Shouldn't affect your unit in any way. Make sure to clear ALL data fro mthe GPS unit, as many have stated this is the main cause for the bugs and quirks
  15. Like the others, mapping can help those who aren't sure of the area they are caching in, or even speeds up the time in those areas even when you know it quite well. I have an Explorist 210, and find a good local map on it has helped us immensely in those areas where we aren't sure. It also allows for us to try to a couple of extra caches when we hadn't planned to visit them.
  16. If you aren't a premium member of gc.com, then the only way you will get the hints is to enter the info manually into GSAK
  17. Either the Goecache Manager software or GSAK. GSAK just needs to be told which removable drive letter that your 210 is on. Have the 210 here, and loved it once the Euro Firmware update.
  18. Recently scored an iPod for Xmas, was wondering the best way to convert the GSAK list to seperate Vcards for my iPod for paperless??/
  19. Not like it's an EPIC amount of time to think of that one mgbmusic! I have FAITH NO MORE in your ability to choose obscure songs!!! I TELL YOU FOLKS, IT'S HARDER THAN IT LOOKS!!
  20. Do you know how to restart the GPS, or at least tell it where in the world you are, so you don't have to wait as long for him to get a fix.
  21. If it handles WAAS, then turn it on, Japan has a system called MSAS that should do differential corrections
  22. I have an Explorist 210 as well, and that seems to be the way it goes. You should like the firmware update, it made my GPSr feel like it's been supercharged
  23. AlabamaRambler, The only flaw in your logic is that you don't have to pay anything to access geocaching.com, whereas all your examples are of traditional private clubs. I've ponied up the cash for a GPSr, does that make me any less of a cacher than someone who has paid gc.com, or more than those that don't have a GPS, but use online maps???? We are all cachers, and in the end if people chose to make certain caches available to people who have given up money to those that look after and nurture this sport, then good to them. But also understand the feeling from those that feel paying for a GPSr is way more than enough of an investment to cache, and to have caches "denied" from you because you don't want to pay money to a particular company.
  24. Cache, a slight twist on your idea.. How about an outdoors equipment/army disposal store, with an internet cafe??? Obviously the core of the business is the outdoors gear, but a specialised area for caching wouldn't take away from the business (Most outdoors stores have ammo cans!!) The internet cafe would allow ALL kinds of outdoor enthusiasts to log their travels. Placed in the right spot, it would attract many a visitor. (Even dual frontage on a corner, where the cafe could be competely seperate to the rest of the store) My $0.02 worth anyway
  25. The product description states that bulk means it is just in a plastic protector and not in the full retail packaging.
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