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GPS map 60CSx going thru x-ray

Team CeDo

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I just flew across the country with my 60CSx. I'd not advice you to put it in the checked bags because they get a much stronger xray scan.


If you put it in your carryon it's fine in those little xray machines. I did have a small problem with the backlight but i'm 99.9% sure that was unrelated to the xray.

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thanks, have really only had brobem with cameras in the past but would really hate to mess up the new gps and palm and then not be able to cache in Cozumel, Cayman brac, Belize, Hell and all the other places we are going to.




You should be fine, I believe xrays can harm the film in the camera, not the actual camera. Therefore your GPS should be fine too.



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