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Etrex Legend won't communicate with my computer

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I need help. I am using an Etrex Legend combined with EasyGPS. This has been working well for six months. The other day I started getting error messages from EasyGPS saying "No data was recieved from the GPS". The help screen gives me no information about this. I checked the settings in the GPSr and every thing checks out. I have checked both ends of the cable, they appear OK. I have rebooted the GPSr and the computer, still no answer. My first suspicion is the cable but I wondered if anyone had any feedback on this. I welcome any thoughts. Thanks in advance for any help.

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It was working and now it's not.


Can you roll your computer back to a prior point? A driver or an interupt or some other setting may have been changed.


If you can't roll it back (or don't want too) I'd check your com port designations. Use EasyGPS to cycle through available com ports. Maybe which port you should be using has 'magicly changed' like windows does sometimes.


My Com port for my laptop is com5. The modem is Com 1. Com 2-4 don't exist. Beats me as to why. I could swear that before I reformated the computer the com port was something else...

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