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Who has logged the most finds?


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I know for a fact that I am not alone in logging events multiple times for pocket or temporary event caches. ...

Why do you keep digging this hole? Do you honestly believe that you are going to change people's minds if you keep repeating the fact that you and others do this?


Let it go.

I will when folks quit calling anyone that doesn't cache their way names! Until then someone has to be willing to speak up for those of us who like these ways. I am.



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I'm sure these people are padding their numbers because there is a reward beyond personal satisfaction. Perhaps they were the last kid picked for the ball team in school, and now they can introduce theirselves as "the best" in their county, state, country or world at something. Perhaps its the semi-celebrity status that you alluded to. Maybe a little of both, but if the motivation was simple personal satisfaction there would be no inducement to cheat.


Brian, as Forum Moderator you should know better!


Your job is to keep control of the forum guidelines, not influence the discussion or use it as a bully pulpit.


You really shouldn't use your Moderator icon to express personal opinion.


If you want to cast accusations and insults please log in as a personal account so that your words do not carry the weight of a Moderator.




I am not a moderator in this forum. Outside the Getting Started forum where I am a moderator, I'm just another forum schlub who has the right to express his opinion. I'm not the first moderator to do so and I won't be the last. BTW, this is my personal account.

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