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Hello all!

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I am new to geocaching and this site.


I got into this because of a few "suspicious" people wandering around at the end of my block with a GPS. They would stop, bend over and look around, and continue their study of their notebook. They repeated this several times before I had to find out what they were up to. I couldn't resist. I introduced myself and asked if they were lost.


After geting a very good education on geocaching, there I was looking through bushes and staring at the notes and finaly we found it... I am totaly hooked!


As you can tell from my login, I am a photographer. I photograph wildlife and scenery, which often takes me well off the beaten path. I use a Magellan Exp 500 to help me.


When I start hiding my own caches, and I know of a few places, bring a camera. There will be something there to see!

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just discovered geocacheing .com the other day thought it looked interesteing looked the sight over, gave it a try today in the city. Do not have a GPSR but did some simple park ones and a couple of harder ones that gave good clues. out of five attempts found three simple ones. or should i say my 4 and 2 yr old did. Then went after a couple of harder ones with my four yr old son and only thing we accomplished was being striped. I figure I know where that one is but darn if I can find the access to it. Had to give up do to lack of time other plans this evening. But man I had a blast. seen alot of memphis I did not know about also.

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