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    What sad news. Brian and I used to play games in OT from time to time and I met him just once (at our shooting event) but he left an indelible impression on my heart: Instantly he was my friend. Such a sweet sweet spirit and one of the kindest people I've ever met. Brian was always in a good mood and I liked that about him. As Crim said, his family is in our prayers. A few pics from the event:
  2. You're in WI, right? You might have better luck posting this in the Midwest forum. Or the Wisconsin Geocaching Association's forum.
  3. I have also experienced the slowdowns and time outs. I may or may not be interested in receiving information pertaining to editing a host file that may or may not exist on any PC that I may or may not use to access certain websites. I must admit that I have not experienced any slowdowns or timeouts this evening. PM GeoBain ... he posted a few up from you, you can link to him there. It made a WORLD of difference for me ... like, HUGE.
  4. I am happy to report the site is no longer slow for me. I can neither confirm nor deny that I may or may not have edited something or anything or possibly nothing resembling what may or may not be my hosts file, if such a thing even exists.
  5. Nope. This is different. I keep getting timed out regardless of the time of day. I noticed the issue seems to have improved over the past couple of days. I don't refresh the page. What I have discovered is if I kill the session and start a new one, I'll have a faster response for the next few pages, then it hoses up on me again. It's very random and it could well be a google add is causing the problem. Perhaps the pages can be made to load before the google adds. PHP Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 45 seconds exceeded in E:\Inetpub\forums\GC\ips_kernel\class_db_mysql.php on line 457 PHP Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 45 seconds exceeded in E:\Inetpub\forums\GC\sources\ipsclass.php on line 1111 This message is consistant when I do get it. Otherwise I mainly get a generic time out error. Me too. I get the PHP fatal quite frequently. Today I waited five minutes for a post to, well, post. It never timed out on me but I finally gave up. I'm so tired of the time outs and hangs that I'm about ready to stomp my foot.
  6. Angiogram?! Is that anything like a CandyGram? Man ... when it rains, it pours. I hope you feel better soon. At least IM's nose looks good.
  7. Right... Because your username being ...The Girl and your byline being "Premium Female Member" has no inclusion of gender at all. - Elle Your question was Followed by the comment I was commenting on my "social expectation or perception of geocaching", or lack thereof. My gender / username has nothing to do with whether I associate a gender with Geocaching. It identifies *me*, not the activity or discussion in which I am participating. As for my forum title, It originated as a play on someone else's forum title and again, it identifies *me*.
  8. That's a *great* idea! I would never, ever, ever dig with my knife - it's a prized posession. That U-Dig-It looks pretty cool, too ... it only weighs five ounces.
  9. "A boy's game?" ... whatever. Until I saw the title of this thread, the thought of associating a gender with Geocaching never entered my mind.
  10. Oh good gosh ... why do I keep coming back to read this thread?!?!
  11. How does hiking make your toenails turn black and fall off? Being someone who hikes and has ten perfectly painted pink toenails, reading this thread made me throw up a little. I'm sorry, but it did.
  12. Rudy Project has the same thing Mike's talking about: a plano (no prescription) sunglass with an rx (prescription) insert that "clips" in behind it. This gives you something you can wear whether wearing your contacts or not. I'm sorry, I can't remember the style(s) available. Having said that, I will also say I'm not a fan of Rudy Project or their customer service. I have the same feelings for Bolle ... they ain't your daddy's Bolle. A company called Fitovers has just what you're looking for. You say you're not a fan of prescription sunglasses but have you tried sport-specific sunwear? Oakley makes prescription lenses for a number of their frames, my favorites for hiking are the Half Jacket and the Flak Jacket. These frames have specific mounts so you can have multiple pairs of lenses that you can change yourself. For instance, you might have one pair in black iridium polarized (a dark grey) for driving to the trail head, another pair of V28 transitions (high contrast tint that gets darker when exposed to UV, good for going in and out of shaded areas) for on the trail and a pair of clear lenses while spending the night by the lake. Both these frame styles also perch well atop a ball cap and stay put when bending over to re-tie your hiking boots. Oakley has fantastic customer service. I could wax poetic about Maui Jim prescription sunwear ... but I won't. Their lenses are awesome and their sport collection is great - very comfortable. Absolutely awesome customer service here. You also say you don't want to wear your contact lenses on the trail because you don't want to worry about caring for them. Depending on your prescription, you have a couple options; there are daily contacts available that are thrown away at the end of each day (no care involved there!) and there are extended wear contacts that you can sleep in. While you should never sleep in your contacts unless your eye doctor has cleared you for extended wear (there are eye-health risks involved), it's a nice solution for backpacking.
  13. Try this thread ... you may find something there. It's the "Release Notes 7/23/08" thread in the "Geocaching.com Web Site" forum. Edit: fond?
  14. I've never heard it phrased quite like that. The term I'm most familiar with is 'pinched a loaf' but I guess 'pinched a log' works, too.
  15. Ah ... urban caching. The bane of my existence. Okay, not really but it sounds all dramatic and stuff, doesn't it? While I don't generally enjoy urban caching ... or much of anything urban, for that matter, there are some good ones out there. Some people actually enjoy hiding caches and being creative about it, while for others, it's just about their total number of cache hides. I grew weary of the "let's-throw-a-piece-of-Rubbermaid-out-in-the-woods-and-toss-some-leaves-on-it-and-call-it-a-cache" syndrome we see so much of lately so I stopped looking for caches unless one comes up with a decent terrain and difficulty rating. Those are few and far between in my area. This was an extremely creative cache. Hidden in plain sight in downtown Seattle, it was a prime example of what a little thought and creativity can accomplish.
  16. My suggestion is to head on over to your local REI. They have extremely knowledgeable and helpful staff that can guide you in the right direction. You can try on different packs and they'll weight them for you so you can get a "real-life" feel. Plus, their return policy is awesome. Oh, and you can get some really good deals at their outlet, too. How to Choose a Daypack I have an Osprey and I absolutely love it. (The style I have has been discontinued, though. ) Their women's packs feature a shorter torso and a women-specific shaped shoulder harness and hipbelt which makes them extremely comfortable.
  17. If you're interested, you can learn more about CITO here. (On the main forum page, under General Geocaching Discussions, it's the fifth forum link down.)
  18. I don't know which I'd rather smell; "multi-day trip funk" or "multi-day trip funk" infused with the scent of lavender. I have long associated the scent of lavender with an old woman's bathroom. ... and not the grandmotherly-bakes-yummy-chocolate-chip-cookies-reads-her-grandkids-bedtime-stories sort of old woman ... but the scary-hey-my-cats-told-me-to-tell-you-my-diaper-needs-changing-and-there's-a-nest-of-something-itchy-living-in-my-hair sort of old woman. I was going to follow all that up with "Crim and I use 'BrandX' soap" but ... neither of us can remember what we use.
  19. mmmmmmmmouth ... watering ... must ... have ... now! When Crim and I are in the city, this place is a *must*.
  20. Ditto. I can't say enough good things about Invisible Shield. I've done four GPS units and a cell phone. LOVE THEM!
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