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Looking for 1 Officer

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I am looking for one more officer in a new group that I have started.


The officer should be willing to think outside the normal category description, in what could be described as a Waymark Game instead of a category.


The proposal could apply to most of the exisiting upper directory, and this means that it cannot apply to any of them.


Anyone that is interested should be willing to consider this from a relaxed perspective.


I wish there was a way to provide more details here, but I don't want to have a discussion aboout the proposal in open forum.


One other thing I can say is that there is nothing illegal or morally questionable about this proposal, just fun and social for participants.


If you are considering joining in, please add a reply in this thread and I will contact you.


;) The Blue Quasar

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That was quick.


I have had three people express interest, and I am willing to allow 5 officers to join.


If everyone accepts that has contacted me already, then I have enough for now. But please still post if you are interested as they may be a need for more Officers.


Since I have enough to create the category, I am posting the basic description here. Please understand that it was limited by space and does not fully detail the scope of possibilities for lisitings.


To provide an area for "Limited Engagement" ideas. Ranging from festivals, events and such to various time sensitive opportunities.


The draft version covers items like time frames, allowable submission types, requirements to archive listings and such.


The basic premise is to allow people to list items that are only available for a short period of time, then will be archived. Things ranging from "Mardi Gras" to "Santa Claus Parade". Doesn't have to be that grandiose, could be "Strawberry Festival". As long as people can find something of entertainment value. Things that would not be allowed would be items like "Labor Day Sale at Home Depot". I'm not opposed to commercial listings, but the focus should be on an entertainment aspect not a financial one.


Listings that are available for 1 day up to 2 weeks is what I'm thinking. Could very easily be the Event Cache version of Waymarking as well as a method to notify people of local events, like "Run for the Cure" or "J.K Rowling book signing at {insert location here}"


Openings and unveilings of items that will become Waymarks would work too.


Basically serves double duty, as a social planner for Waymarkers to get together as well as a way to share upcoming public events.


;) The Blue Quasar

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We need to work within the guidelines to create the category so that it will pass peer review...


Waymark Category Criteria:


There are certain guidelines you should follow when reviewing this new category. Most importantly, we ask that you set aside your personal feelings for a moment and objectively reflect on this category's suitability for placement in the directory. Before we get started, however, remember that duplicate categories should be disqualified from the start.


Global - The directory has the potential for worldwide appeal, but only if the categories are not too restricted by region. Consider whether people from all over the world will be able to contribute to this category. We can afford to be somewhat flexible with the application of this guideline for truly outstanding categories.


Prevalence - How many potential waymarks exist throughout the world? Too few and the category may be of little or no interest to anyone. Too many and you may end up with a category full of mundane, everyday locations.


Standout - Does the category arouse your curiosity? Can you imagine yourself sifting through the gallery for interesting and entertaining images, or potentially visiting one of the waymarks in person? If not, this category might not be a good fit.


Redundant - Could this category be included as a variable in an existing category? For instance, let's say this new category is called "Blue Lighthouses". But, wait! There may already be a "Lighthouses category". Would it make more sense to add a variable for different colors in the "Lighthouses" details?


Please keep in mind that these are only guidelines offered to help you frame your reasoning. A good category may not meet all of the requirements, but a great one will!


Jamie - NFA

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Limited Engagements has been sent to Peer Review


Due to the nature of PR, the variables do not display so here they are

  • One Day only - a few hours to the entire day
  • One Weekend - Friday to Sunday
  • One Week - can include both weekends and the days between
  • Two weeks - up to a maximum of 17 days


And of course, a URL (web listing) that was provided by the sponsoring group of the actual Event.


Any suggestions for enhancment that people add in the Peer Review process will be given serious consideration since this can be tricky to get right.


:laughing: The Blue Quasar

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