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  1. I have two of these One is white letters with black background the other is opposite. Message me for details.
  2. I have #234 message me if you are interested in purchasing it.
  3. i bought the compass rose coin and cant figure out were to activate it please let me know thanks
  4. dawgs

    Need help

    I have been looking at ham radios and have know idea were to start. I have looked at hamcity.com and some other website. I have no idea what the price range is, do i need a licence and what equipment do i need. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  5. tuggalo gorge area caches and a neat musuem and hike
  6. here mine http://www.myspace.com/dawgsrulz
  7. would also like to say thanks to all the people that served our country
  8. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of a inexpensive place to get coins made plase let me know
  9. dawgs

    9-11 Geocoin

    for on the ps3 stinks and i would get a 360 i love geocaching and geocoins and thought it would be neat to make one. its for fun not for a ps3
  10. dawgs

    9-11 Geocoin

    This is the latest proof of the coin We will be adding the coords of the twin towers along the bottom and it will be trackable the company just forgot to add the place where the number will be i will post the picture again when we get the latest proof
  11. dawgs

    9-11 Geocoin

    yes the other coin is mine it was going through some changes
  12. I have a few kansas sunshine and king boreas up for trade also a GEO geocoin up for trade email me
  13. I have a explorist 400 and have found alot of caches and love it
  14. I was wondering if anybody has the coords of the world trade center i am working on a geocoin and would love to have the coords on the coin (preferably closets to the cross) you can look at the coin in the geocoin fourum the title is 9-11 coin thanks please email me them or post
  15. dawgs

    9-11 Geocoin

    I was wondering if anybody has the coords of the world trade center i am working on a 9-11 geocoin please emal me or post them thanks
  16. dawgs

    9-11 Geocoin

    W are working on redoing the side with the gc logo if you guys have any suggestions email me or post it thanks
  17. dawgs

    9-11 Geocoin

    My grandmother and I are thinking about producing this coin. We will be selling it depending on how much interest it generates. Cost would be 9.99 and shipping $1.50 in Mainland U.S.A. Thank you for your comments and suggestions
  18. I bought the blu lamb geocoin and cant find where to activate it plase let me know because i want to get it activated
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