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Explorist Battery Clip

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There have been a few threads about the Explorist Battery Clip and in one, Embra did include a picture of the 'bare' clip.


When I originally envisioned the battery backup, I assumed it was going to be an 'add on' for the exterior of the unit, thus the picture Embra showed us intrigued me. I finally picked up one at TigerGPS, and thought I'd share the pictures, as there aren't any that I've seen online aside from Embra's picture from the Yahoo groups.


Battery life with the AAA's has been tested and reported in another thread:


I got 11.5 hours on a set of AAA alkalines. I used Toshiba brand AAAs with a use-before date of Jan2008. I had my eX500 on for 6 hours last night, and then 5.5 hours this morning through afternoon. It was with the back light on off/lowest setting. The low battery warning came on at the 10 hour point.


So this is the most we can expect from this battery source. I believe that the alkalines will last longer than NiMH. Also, I do not think that using NiMH makes much sense, you are better off using the Li-Ion. As a backup, NiMH do not keep their charge very long, alkalines and an extra Li-ion pack keep their charge much longer.

The AAA battery clip replaces the Li-ion rechargable battery, and the batteries can be swapped out with the clip still in the Explorist. In fact, it's a bit difficult to remove the AAA clip, and it's very snug when closing the case.


Here's a picture of the Explorist with the AAA clip and the li-ion battery:




And another of the clip inside the GPSr





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Great pics.

You are right about the snug fit. I find it easier to put the clip in the eXplorist first, then put in the batteries.

Ditto - I don't want to say the clip is flimsy, but I didn't want to take the chance so I stuck it in the compartment first, before I put in the batteries.

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