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Question on leaving website info in caches


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I have a question that I do not see anywhere in FAQs. I would value some opinions from the forum crowds. We are relatively new cachers and my wife also is an avid reader. She participates in a couple of book based websites called paperbackswap and bookcrossing. the objects of the swap site is to allow avid book readers to trade books with other readers, and the crossing one is like a where's george concept, allowing books to be tracked among avid readers to see where it goes. I know a lot of caches that are also avid readers. She was curious if folks would get offended by her placing a couple of cards in caches we find that explain the websites in case folks were interested, as well as little bookcrossing book plates she created for herself. I told her I was slightly concerned that folks might get upset about "advertising" stuff in caches.

Any thoughts from the crowd?

Thanks for your input,


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I wouldn't find that offensive at all, nor is it considered to be an advertising cache. An advertising cache would entail the finder having to join or be inundated with material about a particular subject, but I don't think that books would qualify. If you had to buy a book to find the cache, then I would be offended, but for a cache to contain books or bookplates would be like heaven.

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Thanks for the replies folks, really helped us out. We will likely use the books in some cases too, since we have a few thousand around, lol. happy hunting out there to all.


For the bookworms crossing Texas, check out GCREFB. Cache is located approximately halfway across the state for those going east to west, or west to east even.

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