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The Best Of Geocaching in SA

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Hi All.


I was just reading some of the Forum posts lately & it seems as though most Cachers feel that the quality of caches in Gauteng are deteriorating.


So I just want to make some suggestions to anyone coming up to GP of some of the Best caches that I have done. (Im still quite new to caching so I have not ventured to far from JHB)


So here are my nominations:


Traditional Cache - Smuts House, Irene (GC3055)


Multi Cache - Ive enjoyed the Reporters Riddle (GCH26X) & The Half completed Amazing cache(GCVM1H), so Ill call this one a tie


Mystery Cache - Machiavellian Perrin (GCPHF8)


Please send some nominations for Durbs as Im going there soon!!

Thanks to all who have hidden the caches on my list!!!



Daniel from TeamTGF

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pigeon valley- gct6pr

dbn 3 - gcwt4j

dbn view - gcn9qt

blue blood paradox - gcq2cz

caching in on roma - gcrz1m

rip dbn - gcvhpb

virgin bush - gcmcdp

sacred heart - gcnn4x

retail therapy #1 - gcwxjz

glenholm cache - gcmhar

kloof falls view - gche6a

dbn 1 - gctrze

dbn 2 - gctwff

m1499 - gctqg4

old fort - gcncqd

nd botanical gdn - gck3cc


let us know when you come through and we can get together with a couple of the other chaps

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