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Well I'm Sorry


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I posted a thread that asked about the O.C.B. and the Moderater closed the thread and i reopened it to say a few last words. but the person that i wanted to hear from was booted. so after a few days i then closed the thread my self. i never got a warning but now the mod button is now gone and i just want to say sorry for being one of them people that helped mess it up for everyone. :D

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I'm not sure what you are talking about. Could someone explain what mod button we are missing and why???


The reasoning was explained in this post by Jeremy. The forum software is an off-the-shelf product, so the settings may not exist to tweak the settings as they would like to do.


Since this thread doesn't really pertain to geocaching, and the issue will likely later be resolved by those that work on the site, I'm going to close this one.




P.S. If and when it comes back, or if you were wondering where it was, the option would have been in the bottom left of the topic--the topic originator could see it, now only moderators can.



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