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If I forget to turn it off, will the backlight fail (burn out) over a period of time?


Well, over a long period of time, yes, but we are talking about 11.41 years. The LED backlight is rated for 100,000 hours for all Garmin units. This equates to 11.41 years of continuous use. Therefore, it would be very rare for an LED to fail. I've never had a backlight burn out in any electronic device I have ever owned.

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The two main ways to kill a GPS Backlight, are to give the GPS too much shock treatment over it's lifetime, and surges of power when plugging it in external power, and when starting up the car. The quality can be somewhat random on any production line, such that one GPSmap60Cx will be just about perfect, but another GPSmap60Cx will be a lemon.

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