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  1. Wow! You NY folks are lucky. Texas only allows 6 characters.
  2. I thought I had a mapset on my SD card, but it doesn't show up in the GPS.
  3. I'll call them after work tomorrow. I get get the map to show up either.
  4. Theoretically, you should be able to re-flash it with the lower version. Better to check with tech support first to ensure it won't damage the unit though.
  5. I don't see why you couldn't. I have Topo and CN maps on my 76CSx. Just select the portions from each respective map and upload.
  6. I just downloaded my first set of maps to my PN-20 via SD card. Very fast. Here's the tip. Don't have the GPS and the card reader hooked up at the same time. The Topo 6 will only "see" the GPS. I was scratching my head for awhile on this one. I even tried shutting Topo down, thinking it needed to detect the reader. Then I decided to unplug the GPS and it worked.
  7. I just ordered one for my 76CSx, iPod video, and Palm LifeDrive. I couldn't find one for my DeLorme Earthmate GPS PN-20.
  8. Not that I could find. I got the deluxe kit, so I had tons of documentation. It was probably hiding somewhere. I just got it 2 days ago and hoped they bad batteries were a thing of the past. It seemed to have charged OK. Was the only symtom that they wouldn't work?
  9. I got it charged, but how in the world does it fit in the GPS? It seems to have plastic at one end. How is that going to make contact? I can only fit it in one way where the polarity id correct, but the GPS won't power up.
  10. What steps have you taken so far? Not much so far. I had to go to bed because I worked 5 AM until 1PM today. Now I need a nap before I go to a family function. Maybe tomorrow.
  11. It was waiting in the barn when I got home this evening. I got it (what's the word for getting it set up with it's new locale?) synced. Initiated may be the proper word. Topo is gonna take me awhile to figger out. Mapsource was almost easy comparatively speaking.
  12. I just got mine today. Just barely had time to let it sync up to it's new location and to install Topo 6.0. Since it looks nothing like Mapsource or Topo!, I'm lost.
  13. Good deal. I'm sure that you will like it. Do you have any experience with Delorme mapping? I have not been making that many on-line purchases recently so I have not noticed. This will be my first time with DeLorme software, but I've been using Mapsource for nearly 3 years. I ordered it about 2PM EST, they shipped it the same day, and according to the tracking #, it's already left Boston at 7:52 this morning.
  14. Not to be rude, but what has that got to do with GPSers?
  15. I just ordered the Deluxe package. My stupid bank takes it's sweet time paying my credit card (from another bank), so I had to phone and talked to a very nice young fellow in Maine to order. Did that make any sense? I notice more and more Internet stores charging sales tax. Anyone else noticed this?
  16. Never mind, I found a pic on their website. It appears to be the standard sized one.
  17. Their website says it accepts a SD card. Is this the standard sized 1" x 1.25" (approx), or the mini or micro (like the Garmin 60/76 GPS Map ??x series)?
  18. Do I need to get it direct from De Lorme, or do other vendors handle it?
  19. I read a few reviews and they seem to be mostly positive. I kinda want to get one, but not if they're gonna make major improvements (like a faster processor) or cease production after a year or two.
  20. Wow! I can't believe this thread is still alive for alomost 3 years. I sold my 60 CS to my brothr last year and got a 76CSx. Still Garmin all the way. Haven't Geocached locally for about 2 years, but We did some out waest last Spring in W. TX, NM, CO, and AZ.
  21. Does anyone own a PN-20 yet? I have a Garmin GPS MAP-76 CSx, but I'm contemplating one solely for the aerial maps.
  22. It sure is since it took over two months for mine to arrive.
  23. Since the check was in the form of a postcard, they probably waited until they had a whole boatload so they could get a bulk rate to mail them.
  24. Are you saying they'll charge "Joe" (who hasn't comparison shopped) more than "Tom", who has, for the same item? That is unethical and should be banned.
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