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Airplanes In Flight Displayed In Google Earth

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I use Google Earth a lot for geocaching and waymaring. This morning, I noticed by chance something that caught my eye: a Plane was apparently crossing a busy street in San Jose, CA.

I guess I am not the first one who have noticed it and I was wondering if anybody would think it's fun to try to collect all the planes in flight in Google Earth.


As an example, open Google Earth and look at

37.222130°, -121.877566°


It is not real gomarking and planes might disappear as soon as Google publish updated views of an area but I still think it's fun to gather all those planes in flight.

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This idea is an interesting one, though I'm not sure if it would make a good category. I like the idea of trying to find the planes in flight, but don't know who one would visit the waymarks that were created.


I think it would be fun to publish all the planes in flight somewhere, but I'm not sure if the Waymarking site is the best place to do so.




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